According to, the Romance-genre generated annual total sales of $1.08 Billion in 2013. 39% of the romance-genre books sold were digital ebooks.
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Romance Author Bella Andre Lost
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There is clearly some big money to be made with Romance fiction, but it has come to our attention that many writers struggle with how to write believable romantic love scenes.
To answer this need, I gathered a team of romantic fiction ghost writers to:

  • Show you by example how to write romance/erotica love scenes; and
  • Give you access to copy-and-paste text that you can use to develop sexy love scenes for your books.
Dear Fiction Author,

I bet you already knew that there was loads of money to be made in the romance genre.

Without a doubt, romance is hot. Just during 2013, romance books generated $1.08 billion in sales, and 39% of romance book sales were in the digital format.


However, if you are like many writers, you might be struggling with exactly how to write the love scenes that readers want to find inside of the romantic stories they read.

84% of romance readers are women, and women typically have a certain expectation of how a romantic encounter should be described in a story.

Some women like reading really tame romantic encounters, hence the smaller sub-genres of Christian romance or Young Adult romance.

Many more women like reading the more popular, racy and titillating romantic encounters that more closely resembles erotica.

Which leads many writers to ask…

What Is The Real Difference
Between Romance and Erotica?

To be honest, there is not that much difference.

Both have the capacity to be really tame or really explicit.

The only real difference between romance and erotica is the focus of the story. Romance focuses on the relationship, and erotica focuses on the sexual encounter.

When you read a wide range of romantic fiction, you will discover for yourself that even the more successful writers in the romance-genre deliver to their readers varying levels of explicitness when describing the sexual encounters between their characters.

Some writers end the scene with a passionate kiss, while others stay with the love scene through the entire experience sharing with their readers the most intimate details of the encounter.

Choosing Your Path Within Romantic Fiction

As a fiction writer yourself, you need to decide how you will handle writing the love scenes within your stories.

You have to decide whether to leave your love scenes at the first kiss or to describe something that is much more intimate.

If you choose to write your love scenes or sexual encounters in a more intimate manner, then it may helpful for you to see how other romantic fiction writers describe love scenes and sexual content in their stories.

For a Lot of Authors, The Most Difficult Part of
Writing Romantic Fiction is Describing the Love Scene

I have heard this story from a lot of published fiction authors…

Sadly, I find the writing of love scenes to be something I just find impossible to do.

Even some of the lighter romances are expected to have some pretty detailed love/sex scenes. I personally stink at them.

Since I have great difficulty writing love scenes, most of my love scenes stop at the passionate kiss.

I know that a lot of the better selling romance stories include very detailed love scenes, but I am simply at a loss as to how I should write such scenes.

You know, I don’t consider myself a stick in the mud. In fact, most of my friends teasingly tell me I am a pervert. But, I have no clue how to write love scenes or sexual encounters that readers would find satisfying or even sexually stimulating.

Do any of these author experiences resemble your own?

If so, please keep reading. I can help you.

With This Program, You Will Have the
Opportunity to Learn From The Experience
of Erotic Romance Fiction Ghost Writers

When it comes to writing erotica or even simple romance, people have questions:

  • How do you write love scenes?
  • How do you write erotica romance without being crude?
  • How do you make romantic encounters sexy?
  • How do I write love scenes that appeal to and satisfy my target audience?

All of these are good questions indeed.

Normally, an instructor will tell you to “do this” or “do that,” but a lot of us need to see real-world examples to put that advice into action.

Others will advise you to read romance books written by others. The only real problem with that is that most of us want to read a few quick examples then get to work writing our own stories. We don’t want to have to read a 300-page novel to find the 5 or 10 pages that represent the sexual encounters inside the story.

Each Member of Our Team Has Years of Experience

Here is a quick overview of the profiles of some of our erotic romance ghost writers:

  • Writer #1 – Published author and creative writing teacher who specializes in erotic writing.
  • Writer #2 – This writer has loads of experience writing in the health and fitness category. The writer told me, “I enjoy erotica, but cannot publish under my own name due to the nature of my day job. I am currently working on three other erotica projects, as well as having written a multitude of ghostwriting fiction and nonfiction in the past.
  • Writer #3 – This writer has ten years of amateur creative writing experience, particularly character studies, LGBT, kink, and erotic fiction.
  • Writer #4 – My newest writer has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, as well as multiple teaching certifications including English and Teaching English as a Second Language. She has written several novels and novellas. The writer was excited to tell me, “Romance is one of my favorite genres, and I’d love the chance to be a part of creating a small piece of the novels that I enjoy reading.
Here Is Your Chance to
Learn How To Write
Romance/Erotica By Example

There are a few guides out there that will teach you the art of writing romance and erotica, but each only give you access to one person’s point of view.

Some guides contain examples and others do not.

Within this program, we are going to give you access to:

  • Quickly approaching 100 example love scenes
  • From a variety of romantic fiction ghost writers
  • Demonstrating a range of entanglements
  • Including MF, FF, MM and Transsexual.

How This Content Can Be Used

All of our love scenes were written exclusively for the “Writing Love Scenes” program.

This content should not be used “as is,” because honestly, you don’t want readers to recognize what you have written in another author’s book. It is important to tell your own story, so that you can stand apart from your competition.

However, you are free to change the names of the characters, the settings of the story, character situations, character descriptions, etc., to fit the love scene or sexual encounter you want to describe to your readers.

Ideally, you would use our love scenes to template and structure your own love scenes and sexual encounters.

In doing so, you will be better able to tell a more interesting story to your readers.

Feel free to borrow our words, but don’t copy the entire love scene word-for-word.

And as always, dare to be different.

What You Will Find Inside

In the image to the left, you will see a teaser of what you will find in the Table Of Contents within the membership area.

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in content, from a number of ghost writers (identified by their initials).

However, it is hard to truly appreciate what you will find within this website, unless I share with you a couple samples of the love scenes included inside this membership website. You will find two sample love scenes below.

Here is a sample love scene for your consideration, from C.C.’s Couples collection:

Lost Attraction, Part 1
Lost Attraction, Part 2
Lost Attraction, Part 3
Lost Attraction, Part 4
Lost Attraction, Part 5


Here is another sample love scene for your consideration, from K.R.’s Historical Romance collection:

Lady Antoinette’s Wedding Night, Part 1
Lady Antoinette’s Wedding Night, Part 2
Lady Antoinette’s Wedding Night, Part 3
Lady Antoinette’s Wedding Night, Part 4

Romance & Erotica Fiction Plots Inside

Every love scene within this website has been set up as a stand-alone short story, meaning that you will find:

  • Story Setup within the context of a Basic Plot;
  • Love Scene;
  • Story Conclusion (some stories are set up with a built-in cliff hanger).

Although this program was not specifically set up as a plot website, every love scene in this website demonstrates a erotica romance story plot in action.

When you are brainstorming new story ideas, you will find a lot of inspiration within every love scene you read.

The Quality of our Content is Outstanding
and More Content is Being Added All the Time

So, what do you think?

Is this the kind of romantic content that you believe would help you write better love scenes and sexual encounters?

This website is full of love scenes very similar to the two shown above.

Currently, there are 73 individual love scenes (April 10th, 2015), and more scenes are being added all the time.

C.C. is Writer #1 — the one who is a published author and teaches creative writing, specializing in erotica. This writer is currently submitting about ten love scenes a week to the website.

K.R. is Writer #4 — the one who is has a Bachelor’s degree in teaching. This very talented romance writer is my newest hire. She expects to submit several love scenes a week to the website.

Create Better Romance Content
and Ramp Up Your Productivity

Here is the bottom line…

If you can use our content to create the kind of romantic content that your readers will enjoy, then you will be able to grow your audience quickly.

And, if you can use our content to accelerate your writing speed, then you can create more books in less time, thereby increasing your overall income at a much faster rate.

If this website can help you create more exciting content, and it can help you do it more quickly, how much would access to our love scenes be worth to you?

It always comes down to money.

If we can help you make more money as a romance author, this program will definitely be worth its weight in gold.

How Much Could Access To
Our Love Scenes Be Worth To You?

In October of 2014, my friend Kim Thomas published her first paranormal romance book series. She released one book every two weeks for eight weeks.

By Christmas, she had released five books in her book series.

By the end of November — six weeks after releasing her first book, she had sold 5,388 copies of her paranormal romance books!

If you could match Kim’s October/November sales — even at $0.99 per book, you could make $1885 in royalties from those sales.

If you only did half of what Kim did in October/November of 2014, you would be able to earn $942 in book royalties from your sales.

And, if you only did a quarter of Kim’s sales at $0.99, you could still potentially earn around $471 in book royalties from those sales.

So let me ask again… How much do you think this kind of content could be worth to you?

Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Lifetime Membership Options

Consider this… If you are able to earn more money from your romance books than you pay me, as a result of your access to this website, then any amount you pay me for access will be money well spent.

Think about that for a moment…

If you could earn an extra $400 per month as a result of your being able to access the love scenes and sexual encounters provided within this website, then you could easily justify $200 or $300 per month for access to this program, don’t you think?

But, I am not going to ask you to pay anywhere near that amount for access to this website.

Instead, I am offering Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Lifetime membership options at bargain prices.

And if you choose the Lifetime membership option, for a limited time, you will be able to make that purchase for under $300 — for about the same amount of money as you would be paying for just 15 months worth of access at the Monthly membership rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I want to cancel my subscription at some point, how do I do that?

Answer: Simply send us an email at “support ~at~” at any time, and I will process the cancellation for you. I do check emails to this account several times a day, but I do occasionally take time away from the computer. So, please allow me up to 72 hours to respond.

Question: What if I am easily offended by your content?

Answer: Then, you should not be looking at this sales page or subscribing to this program.

Question: What does NSFW mean?

Answer: Not Safe For Work.

Question: Is it true that I can copy-paste information found within your website?

Answer: Absolutely yes. All of the love scenes within this website were created exclusively for the “Writing Love Scenes” program. As a paid member of this program, you are able to copy-paste any love scene found within this website. However, you should not copy or use any single love scene word-for-word, in its entirety.

Instead of using any single love scene “as is” in its entirety, you should change the names of the characters, the settings of the story, character situations, character descriptions, etc., to fit the love scenes or sexual encounters you want to describe to your readers. You should take what you find in this website and adapt it to fit the story you want to tell your readers.

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